Hat Hair

Summer heat and humidity can do a number on your hair and the Lou Dolls have a simple solution.


The sun can fade color and cause it to feel dryer. In addition, the humidity can cause frizz that you didn’t even know you had.

Hats not only disguise a “bad” hair day, but also protect from harsh UV rays.

The Lou Dolls are showing different styles from many different designers below.


Left: Sydney in Forever 21, Right: Christine in H&M


Left to Right: Shanelle in ALDO, Lindsey in Urban Outfitters, Savannah in American Eagle


Lizz in Urban Outfitters


Olivia in American Eagle


Left to Right: Rachael in BP Nordstrom, Shanelle in ALDO, Lindsey in Urban Outfitters, and Savannah in American Eagle


While the Lou Dolls displayed hats in different materials, in the heat we advise to stick with straw and the lightweight materials to prevent from feeling any hotter. In the winter time, felt and heavier materials are very popular for fashion, bad hair days, and to also maintain warmth. This is not a rule, but the most common.. The Lou Dolls tend to bend on fashion rules and we adore it.

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