Summer Hair Care


Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker.

While, those 2 combinations leave extra confidence when you look in the mirror, it is actually not necessarily healthy.

Of course, you’ve probably heard from everyone, and everyone else, about how to protect your skin, stay away from tanning beds, use sunscreen, etc. The Lou Dolls are going to focus on the hair. Your hairstylist may have mentioned certain products to use during the summer time, and you may or may not have listened.

(You should always listen)



You have a vacation planned in a tropical getaway for the 4th of July. Naturally, you schedule a hair appointment so you can look your best for all the photo ops. You leave the salon, loving your color (as always) and have the best time on your vacation. You come back to reality with a little bit of beach fever and an amazing tan. But, your hair color has faded, it looks a little “brassy” and you are left with the thought, “But, I JUST got my hair colored 2 weeks ago.”

Most people think that before they go to the beach, or even to just lay out by the pool, they only need to protect their skin against the harmful UV rays. Wrong. The sun can cause your hair to feel dry, your color to fade, or your hair to turn yellow or even green from chlorine in pools. There are a few different ways to protect those lovely locks.

Hats. (As you can see in our previous post)

A protective spray. Most professional hair care lines have specific products just to help for sun exposure.

Don’t have a spray? Put conditioner in a spray bottle + H2O to dilute. Spray all over.


The chlorine in pools is a harsh chemical and extremely harsh on the hair. Excessive amounts of time in chlorine water can fade color and even cause lighter hair to have a green tint. Before any exposure to chlorine your hair needs to have a protective coating on it.

Protective spray.

Conditioner in a spray bottle + H2O.

Anything. Just combing straight conditioner in your hair is a solution as well.


After exposure in the sun a deep conditioning treatment is highly advised to add moisture back into your hair that the sun has stripped out.

After exposure to chlorine a clarifying shampoo is recommended, as well a deep conditioner.


Keep your hair healthy and happy between hair appointments.

Happy Summer.

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